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*Video/ Phone Session Preparation

Doing a session via Video Chat or Phone is an excellent way to do this type of work. I find that people are more comfortable in their own home and can relax even more in a remote session. It really depends on your comfort level and if your home is distraction free.

To have a successful remote session there are some additional steps needed.

Install the Zoom app on your phone or tablet

  • recommend to use your smartphone or tablet

  • I find it is  easier to move your phone around and get comfortable, vs a computer, and the video quality is usually better on newer phone

  • *If feel your laptop is better than your phone thats fine as well.

  • Earbuds / Headphones with a MIC

    • If you have an iPhone use the earbuds that came with it. 

      For android users please use headphones with a mic

  • Charge your phone or plug it into a charger if the battery is low

    • Phones die, so please make sure yours doesn’t…

Preparation tips

  • No Alcohol or Drugs: Again, no consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs for 24 hours before your session. The clearer your mind, the better your session will be.

  • Caffeine: Limit your caffeine intake at least 6hr prior to the session.

  • Eat! Please eat well but light before your session. It doesn’t help when you feel hungry.

Half hour before the session starts

  • Setting the Intention:

    • Having clear intent on what you want to accomplish is key to a successful session. Your Unconscious knows everything about you and will know that you have planned a spiritual regression session, so it will be ready to communicate what is needed when the time comes.

  • Get Relaxed.

    • Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes.

    • Kick off your shoes; Keep your legs uncrossed, take off your glasses; take out your contact lenses.

    • You might want a blanket or an extra pillow.

  • Quiet and Comfortable place

    • Please be at a quiet place that is comfortable with no interruption.

    • I would like you to be in a Recliner, laying on a couch or in your bed.

    • Cover yourself with a light blanket if you tend to get cold.

  • Possible Distractions

    • If you have pets I would ask that you put them in another room or outside as they can distract you from your session.

    • Put your phone on do not disturb (moon icon on iphone) and turn the ringer off.

    • Unplug your home phone or put on silent

    • You may want to put a sign on your door that says Do not disturb.

  • Use the bathroom.

    • My Mom used to say go when you can not when you need to. So listen to my Mom! :)